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Our history remembered

Finding Flinders and Bungaree

Flinders grave

The search for Matthew Flinders lost grave finally discovered.

Flinders Breastplate
Our connection with Donington UK

We had a visitor recently from Matthew Flinders home town of Donington UK, who luckily only just caught us as we were locking up.

But we were able to reopen and showed her around the venue, much to her delight. It is great to have that linkage with the birth place of both Flinders and Bass and the visitor can see how much we respect the work of Bass and Flinders in the display of the sloop Norfolk  used in the development of our region.

For our courteousness we received some small books in the mail from Donnington.(see below)

We have received such gifts before from travellers and it is very much appreciated.

St. Mary's and Holy Rood Church

Donington is a small village located 8 miles from Spalding, on the A152. Donington is the birthplace of explorer Matthew Flinders and a statue to Flinders stands in the marketplace, near the site of his birthplace.

The Boy from Donington

The book “Matthew Flinders – The boy from Donington “ was written by those at his school “The Thomas Cowley High School and Molly Burkett and published some years ago. It has a detail of Flinders’ life in his years of Exploration.

Matthew Flinders of Donington

The second book was a book written by Alan James and also details the life of Flinders and in the opening pages shows a picture of Flinders family home plus some detail of Flinders involvement with Captain Blyth of HMS Bounty fame


St Marys and Holy Rood

Finally the third book is a History of the local Donington church of St Mary and the Holy Rood, complete with stained glass pictorials of Bass , Flinders and another famous explorer  from Lincolnshire, Joseph Banks.

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