A sailing dinghy to suit everyone.

The “Tamar Class”, is the small yacht  designed and initially built within the immediate Tamar Valley.

The design was by a local yachtie,  Grahame Titmus, and later built by the students of  Port Dalrymple School 


The reason the small yacht was designed was to provide a vessel that could be handled by young “yachties”. (Club Juniors)

Now On Display

They were mainly based at the Tamar yacht club in Launceston but raced at other venues on the river. Southern parts bee sailing clubs in south.  Some appeared in both Sydney & Darwin & also in New Guinea


  • Norfolk
  • Elizabeth
  • Tom Thumb
  • Captains Cabin theatrette

Films to see

  • Life of Flinders
  • Building the replica Norfolk
  • The Navigators


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