Riverside PrimarySchool groups are welcome in the Centre.

We recommend that school groups which are often about 50 children to be  split into two groups with one group of 25 visiting the Pilot Station museum http://museum.lowhead.com/ and the other group of 25 doing  the BnF Centre tours.

We then split the those in the Centre , allowing one group to go on the Norfolk and the other group/s to do a treasure hunt where the students have to find various objects within the Centre. This makes it manageable for all concerned.

The students have great fun in participating.

An example of the day is shown below.

Up to 50 children if they are visiting the Pilot Station as well,
25-30 is ample at Bass & Flinders at one time as it becomes unmanageable with too many on the Norfolk at one time.


10:00am – Morning tea on floor

10:20am – Talk (15 mins)

10:35am – Split into 2 groups
1 group goes on the boat
1 group does building tour
11:00am – Swap

11:30am – Scavenger hunt

12:00pm – Lunch on the floor

12:30pm – Swap with the Pilot Station
Lunch on the floor

1:00pm – Talk (15 mins)

1:15pm – Split
1 group goes on the boat
1 group does building tour
1:35pm– Swap
If there’s time at the end, group does scavenger hunt

This is only an example, times may vary according to school location.



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