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The 1998,  200 year re-inactment of Norfolk on her circumnavigation of Tasmania ( Van Diemens Land)

Tom Thumb

The small rowing boat bought out from England by George Bass


The whale boat, captained by Kelly in mapping the west coast of Tasmania in 1815


A sailing dinghy especially designed by Graeme Titmus for father and son/daughter combinations  and then built by the local schools.


For the  200 year re-enactment back in 1998 quilts were made to reflect what Bass and Flinders would have encountered as the mapped Bass Strait and Port Dalrymple.

Kenneth Dickenson

The KD was originally use by the Navy and was without a name.

It was built back in 1920.

Trim the cat

Trim was a bicoloured  cat, being black with white paws, chin and chest. He was named after the butler in Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, because Flinders considered him to be a faithful and affectionate friend.

Flinders charts

Flinders spend the remaining years of his life finalizing his memoirs and died the day after his maps were published. Age 42

The wharf

The wharf that the Norfolk is berthed at, was obtained from timber off the old EZ wharf in Geilston Bay Hobart.


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